Meet our founder and chef - Raghav Malhotra. 

Since he discovered his love for cooking at the age of 7, Raghav has wanted to become a chef. His passion for his craft has taken him on a journey which would inspire any budding chef. After he finished school in Delhi, Raghav studied at Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland and Le Cordon Bleu, London. 

He has since then honed his culinary skills by working in some of the finest restaurants in Europe including a Michelin rated restaurant in Geneva and the Hotel Arts, Ritz Carlton in Barcelona. After his time in Europe, Raghav moved to New York City to manage the Food and Beverage department at the Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue. It was there - in New York - that Raghav truly found his love for Ramen.



As lovers of Ramen, our aim is to provide you with an authentic Ramen experience. We use traditional methods and recipes alongside premium ingredients and sauces - giving your taste buds a little trip to Japan.

Our Chef, heavily inspired by Japanese culture and methods of cooking, follows the ideology of producing clean and flavoursome dishes. We source our vegetables, proteins and flours locally, supporting local famers and producers - which also results in a smaller carbon footprint and contributes towards making us more sustainable. 

Since only a freshly assembled bowl can pack the flavour punch we have come to love, we crafted a DIY kit using which you can assemble a bowl in only 5 minutes that takes us 24 hours to prepare. While assembling the bowl you get to interact with the different elements, giving you a better understanding of what you are eating. This makes the eating process more interactive and experiential. We hope that assembling and eating this bowl is something you remember for a long time, and keep coming back for. We strongly recommend consuming the bowl as soon as it is prepared.

Ramen Noodles